V​-​K! (Prod. By Vo​-​Kal)

from by Vo-Kal

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[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
She wants someone that sings well
I got that
Danger and thrill
To top that
The sin from my lips
To make her drop down
And then pop that
Just don't stop that
When you bust it open
A shy girl
That's so used to hoping
For a savior
From her routine life
To maximum exposure
Someone to hold her
Console her
When times are rough
But know her
And show her
That I know
That she likes it rough
Grip her up
Just suck it up
Don't fuck it up
The pain is her pleasure
But the pain is what will fuck her up
Her skin is thick
But her heart is thin
And it's on her sleeve
She gambling
The stakes are high
Just don't fall again
She felt the ground
But she won't again
She'll hold it in
And regret the past
Regret her love
And how it moved too fast
That's when I come to
To remove the last
Conception of me
She tried to pass
As the real deal
I ain't that cold
My words are smooth
But I'm way too old
To be playing games
And be passing notes
Do you like me now
Check yes or no
To professional
My confessional
I don't live up
To the rest of y'all
You think V-K is
Impressing y'all
But that's just how I come off
When I'm stressing y'all

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
Already 4am
You know how it goes
Where do we go from here
I'm too faded to know
I'm just hoping when you leave
You'll be saying my name
Please remember my name
You can call me V-K
It's just one of those nights
But you know my songs
Please don't assume shit
I'm already gone
Just maybe by tomorrow
You'll be saying my name
Or be singing my name
Please remember my name
My name my name

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Look me in my eyes
Baby tell me you don't lie a bit
I'm trying get in your mind
I'm trying see how tight those pants fit
I'm lying now
I can't sit
And act like I'm
Thirsty as fuck
I know everyone else
They just stare at your butt
But me
I want to examine your cuts
The tears the tears
The way you were broken down
Cause me
My hearts it's just swollen now
And it just looks like
I'm so close to slowing down
But really it's code for more focus now
So let's know this now
Who would you like to fall for
Love in the hands of gentle man
Or lust in the clutch
Of you trying to fuck
Dance with devil
In the Mercedes truck
Out in the open
Only stars can see us
Bust your walls down
And take all of it back
The baggage the past
Put it all in a stack
Your past the baggage
Take all of it back
Cause I want all of you back
I think you lost who coulda been
And I forgot about who
All those bitches could have been
The late nights thinking
Sinking feelings
Spilling out my heart
They tore me apart now
I don't know how to start now
Cause I'm falling apart now
I only know you through
Instagram pics
You only know me
From the verses I spit
So I don't know where to start now
My whole message is falling apart now
Maybe your tumblr posts
Shows who you really are
And maybe I'm really just meant to be a star


[BRIDGE: Vo-Kal]
She wants someone that sings well
Well I can sing better with some shots in me
Just close your eyes and rock with me
Take it back
Don't stop
Just trust I sing well
But it would sound better if it was for you
I would do my best to spoil you
Limited funds but they for you

[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
I know it's been a while
I know that we never really talked
But damn tonight your smile
Is more than I ever could have thought
Who would have thought
That stars aligned
Would bring us together here tonight
Destiny is a strong word to throw around
So let's just talk till it's right
I'm a little drunk
Ok I'm kinda faded
But right now let's embrace the moment
And forget the time that I waited
The time that I wasted
When it was you that was only in my sight
Just grab my hand for tonight
If it all ends embrace me into the light
You cannot tell me this ain't right
This chemistry is level AP
Do my words come across as strong
To stress everything that I see
Everything that I mean
Your in my dreams
Add a dream girl to my dream whip
And let's both forget reality
I still sing well
And I flow nice
Let's not talk about my salary
I'm not superficial
Just better than most
Self conscious
Let's make a toast
To a crazy night
A more crazy life
It's 4 am
Let's say goodnight
Cause you know nothing good happens after 2
I can't ruin this beautiful night with you



from Tame the Ocean, released September 11, 2015
• "V-K" contains samples from "Zapp and Roger - Heartbreaker Part 1 & 2" •


all rights reserved



Vo-Kal Winston Salem, North Carolina

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