Superficial {Better Than Most} (Feat. Bam Bino) (Prod. By Vo​-​Kal)

from by Vo-Kal

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Superficial (Better Than Most)

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Ignored calls
Closed bathroom door stalls
I question my sanity crying on the floor
I guess I'm so appalled
And my bedroom is walled
As prison for my memories
My brain is sprawled
No I can't get none
Sleeping on the rising sun
All my family worried
Cause the Guinness and the Jameson
I'm ok only my flow sick
My V6 knock you to the floor bitch
It's me and Hobbz until the end
So on the way out don't you let the door hit
It's impossible for you to ignore this
I don't care just pour it
Just top it off, I'll take it back
No chaser needed to enjoy it
No chaser needed this boy shit
This toy shit I torch it
(No chaser needed this boy shit)
Gyarados to his koi fish
Scary hoes at his door step
I take care of hoes no horse shit
I meant girls this my warning
My tongue slipped exploring
You really think I'm lame
And I know it now
Bound to fall in love
Just praying I don't hit the ground

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
My whip
It's rides well
My flow
It rides well
My job
It pays well... Ok I mean it pays ok
I got the car and the clothes
What more could you ask for
I heard that girls love
The superficial asshole X2
So why don't she fuck with me
So why don't she fuck with me
I got it all and everything she said she wanted
Ghost of the girlfriend past
Cause now my everything is haunted

[VERSE 2: Bam Bino]
My cash is green
My car is clean
Now I don't understand why shorty not up on my team
It take a boss to get a bitch like this
These niggas broke
But all I need is convo
I'm hoping that be the note
I'm spitting my real feelings
I'm hoping that be the quote
Sex game on point
And I know she like to drink
I hope she fucking with that Henney
Cause that's all I like to drink
Sex appeal I love her style
Her wardrobe
Them colors so wild
Turn down we never go mild
Take trips I got that
Her interest is not at
Me I'm surprised that
She don't want to mess with a real nigga
Polo socks
Tommy Hilfiger
Tell me what you want
I'll spend figures
End of the night we all alone
So are you
So what's wrong
Talk to me what's on your mind
I ain't in a rush I got time
Emotions they in the air
Contact all we do is stare
But Vo-Kal do she really care
(Big homie do she really care)


[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
Cause now my everything is haunted
Cause now my every move is taunted
All I wanted
Was the superficial flaunting
Trophy wife that was my type
Still beautiful in the morning
Great head for the head aches
Stay in bed till her legs shake
Take her out on a vaca'
Tokyo our main stay
Bring her out on the main stage
When I perform insane day
When I propose on that same day
Fall in love again like our first date



from Tame the Ocean, released September 11, 2015


all rights reserved



Vo-Kal Winston Salem, North Carolina

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