Katherine (Prod. By Vo​-​Kal)

from by Vo-Kal

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[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
The way
All the way down
Eyes locked
At her waist now
It's her
The excuses made
On the way down
It's keeps playing over
Tell me it's over now
Her head on my shoulder
I promise it's over now

[BRIDGE: Vo-Kal]
Dim these lights down low for this late night
I'm syrup sippin while she sippin great whites
Her cigarette still smoking in the ash tray
But her mind still toking on this past day

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
I would have never felt the temptation
Never heard the whispers
Never would I have tested my love
Or heard the voices getting nearer
I can't stop this feeling of slow motion
Or even question the strength of my love my love

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
All I could have wanted
All I could have done
(I needed that)
I needed something
That I lusted for
(I needed that)
It was her
I always yearned for her
I always dreamed of her
Even though I have you
I felt I needed her



[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
(Got you drinking out them)
Bottles babe
Straight to face
Take a big swallow babe
Not for the taste
For the fun that we takin
Love we could be makin
Take off your shirt before
I stain it with vacation
Initiation with your body
I'm just getting fucking glances
From everybody
I'm sorry
I can't read these signs
It's blurred between the lines
And now we're fucking naked
In the middle of the lobby
And I
I don't want to stop right now
Cause they're coming after me
But it's so hot right now
And falling to my death
Could be the plot right now
But if I have a fucking say
We won't get caught right now
And I
I don't think that I can stop right now
They're so close the catching me
Its more than hot right now
And running out of breath
Could be the plot right now
But I guess I'm sticking with it
Ain't no way that I'm forgetting

[HOOK 2: Vo-Kal]
My love
You can't test the strength of
My love
Who are you to question
My love
But I can't even remember my love
Oh oh X2

[VERSE 4: Vo-Kal]
(Pervert he's a pervert
It's the mark of the demon)
Eyes closed and I'm leaning
Eyes open I'm a free man
Can't escape without gaining
Everything that makes me a heathen
I'd rather try and tame the ocean
Than become what I'm not seeking
I believe it
I believe it
I took everything that's close to you
Stole my heart
When I was close to you
(It's the mark of the demon)
So I stole your faith
What I'm supposed to do
Was tempted
I was weak enough
You were weak enough
And we were each finding
We weren't enough
And I
Don't want you
To cry
It's deceiving to
Your eyes
To think I
Didn't try
But you're right
I know you're
Gonna cry
In convincing you
I'm right
Might even save my mind
I swear I forgot about

[HOOK 2]

[OUTRO: Vo-Kal]
Drifting away
Further away (come back)
Drifting away
Deeper away (come back) X3
(Wake up)



from Tame the Ocean, released September 11, 2015
• "Katherine" contains samples from "Legend of Zelda - Fairy's Fountain Theme" and "The Weeknd - Initiation" and excepts from "Fooly Cooly" and "Donnie Darko" also Guitar performance by Sean Hardy •


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Vo-Kal Winston Salem, North Carolina

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