Forever Falling (Prod. By Vo​-​Kal)

from by Vo-Kal

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Forever Falling

[INTRO: Vo-Kal]
My shadow scared me
I don't understand
Cause it was dark out
Maybe the shadows
Are hiding everything I tried to mark out
Inner demons
Maybe my true self
You say you see my goodness
Tell my good bye bitch farewell
Ones on the floor
I ain't say that I was spending money
But I got good friends
And they entrepreneurs
Throwing bills around
Like the name Gates is funny
You can stay or something
I can't wait for nothing
Bad bitches
Giving good times
In the back room
Barely VIP
Spilling out my heart
With no IVs

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
I don't have the patience
To try and keep up with this fake shit
So baby tell me what your name is
So I can make sure I erase it
From my memory
These bitches just want to take away
Everything I have to give a lover
I'm drowning
Trying to keep above the pressure of another
I just don't want to feel the pain any more
I thought I could fly but I just hit the floor
So baby tell me what are you waiting for
Waiting for

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
You say you can save me
I beg you not to do this
You say you need me
Girl stop acting foolish
I can't be there for you
When you hit the ground
You can't trust me girl
I'll just ignore the sound

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Now baby I don't have the faith in you
Cause all these hoes are thotful
And they paved the way for you
And showed me just how awful
But It's all I could imagine
So strip it all and show me magic
I'm thirsty for your touch
I'm yearning for the way that you make me feel
I'm just craving your kiss
I'm longing for your tongue as it caresses my skin
Slow motion
Slow motion
As you ride it out
Don't want this time to end
Baby show me what you're about
Let's take this to the back
Any price for you
Just don't fall in love
With the likes of me
Cause I'll be gone as soon as we're through


[Bridge: Vo-Kal]

You say you love me now it's too late
I fell in love with girls that's too fake
You say pure love is destined through fate
But true lust and mistrust
Is all they gave

I wish I died the hero
Cause I see myself becoming the villain
I'm hardly sick
Some party shit
To drown out my feelings
I miss the good times
Drunk as fuck
I miss the good time
Two 40s of that OE
Some whiskey shots
And then I shined
I need a beer bong
To play beer pong
Doing keg stands
All year long
Party life of some college kids
But we skipped school
For that party shit
A year off
That turned into four
To never again
Will I need to score
An A+
We got grade A
I've been lost in life
Since my 6th grade

[HOOK 2: Taylor Ryce]
I know I can save you
You begged me not to do this
You know that I need you
I'm not acting foolish
Please I'll be there for you
I won't hit the ground
I'll trust you with my love
Please don't ignore me now

(I'll make you never love again)



from Tame the Ocean, released September 11, 2015
• "Forever Falling" contains excerpts from "Chuck", Vocal performance by Taylor Ryce, and Guitar performance by Sean Hardy •


all rights reserved



Vo-Kal Winston Salem, North Carolina

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