Astral Projection (Prod. By Vo​-​Kal)

from by Vo-Kal

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Astral Projection

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
You don't
Look at me like you used to
And I
Still remember what you used to say
But now
There is this distance between us
Could you
Just tell me that you love me

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
Can you
Take me
Away from
Everything in my life
Cause I fucked up on my last one
All I want is
You to
Take me
Away from
Everything in my life
Paralyzed by the pain of my soul
And yearning for your hold

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Looking at the carpet
From ground level again
Still picking up the pieces
From that last bitch's sins
No excuses being made
For the money that I spent
But I just want some reimbursement
For all the time that I lent
Spending less time at home now
More time with my friends that
So called know me well
But yet they ain't giving me no spins
Getting drunk on the weekend
Is some shit that I miss
But if you only know me intoxicated
Then please don't say shit
No new friends
No new women
Not my choice
It's new living
Cause deep down
I'm pretentious
And I'm ok with
Not having fucks to give
But maybe
I'm lonely
And I'm still scared
That little boy
That loves to stay up
And watch anime
And fall asleep with his sonic toys
I wasn't popular in school
But I've blown up since graduation
And now my heads gotten kinda big
Wish I had grown up from graduation
But I barely passed
And they almost laughed
Know they still will
With no hesitation
I'm a product of my environment
Just guilty by association


[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
(Smoothing out the wrinkles so you can't think)
My third eye is calcified
Lusting over a fat ass
Love life is Ned's Declassified
Are you satisfied
Like I'm really gonna change now
The crazy thing is
I've been the same
Took a strangers words
To reveal the shade
Took the bitter truth
To reveal my shame
My character is in jeopardy
My intentions and
My expectations
Are the only true things to carry me
I mean damn
Tell me what would my grandma think
If I told her I was strip clubs
Cause Drake made it cool to show strippers love
So made it rain
But that's not the answer
I use lust as a cover up
I'm scared commitment won't work out
I'm scared my talent will ruin us
I'm scared that every bad bitch
That wants to make a name
Will come after me
And throw that pussy oh so well
And I lose it all
And I won't sell
Cause I can't relate to myself no more
I see myself and I can't ignore
The blind truth
Cause I'm blinded to
I'm falling through
They trapped us all
They trapped us all
Don't want to lose myself cause they can't break us
Sewn inside of a walrus suit
I just don't want to become Wallace from "Tusk"


[VERSE 4: Vo-Kal]
Austyn, Stephanie
Ellen, Erin
Gabriela, Emily
Courtney, and Amanda
I used to could barely stand you
I had a simple crush
With a little lust
A little trust
That we could be
But I ain't enough
Or at least I wasn't
I seen it coming
It was something I grew to expect
I wasn't your type and you weren't mine
You were so fine
Blind to the fact
That you helped me grow
Heartbreak is so
Freeing and so natural
It took me years to appreciate
All the pain you brought and didn't know
I don't blame you
I respect you now
And for all the guys that you've turned down
It was meant to be for self growth
Self expression
Where the hell would I be without those lessons
So God put music inside my soul
To heal my heart
To help me know
To help show me
That I don't need help
Or confirmation
That I'm just me
Still underground so sleep on me
I can believe in myself
Without hypnosis
I'm Spider-Man fresh out the black suit
My detractors and I have a symbiosis
I've grown a little
I experienced things
Learned to create
I've learned how to sing
My psychosis might be to change the world
But now my passion has become my neurosis


from Tame the Ocean, released September 11, 2015
• "Astral Projection" contains excerpts from "Fooly Cooly" •


all rights reserved



Vo-Kal Winston Salem, North Carolina

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