Tame the Ocean

by Vo-Kal

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Trying to prevent yourself from growing up is as futile as trying to tame the ocean...


released September 11, 2015

C. Parker, S. Martin, M. Zakamarek, R. Crisp, D. Fleming, K. Allah J. Goss, T. Robinson, A. Powell, S. Hardy, J. Harwood, T. Ryce, G. Jones, J. Harwood, A. Bivona, Q. Anthony, C. Drinnon, C. Caesar


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Vo-Kal Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Track Name: Overture of Past Pain (Prod. By Vo-Kal)
Overture of Past Pain

Mr. Parker are you sleeping in my class?
Wake up you silly nigga
Don't let all your dreams get past
In school you barley passed and
Staying single seemed to last
But you keep getting trapped by these boobies
Don't let your innocence get booby trapped

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Thats when I wake up
To the existence that I call reality
One meal a day ends barely meet
That's what I call my salary
And damn shawty thick
In that bang bros. gallery
My mind's racing there faster
The places getting more vast her
Past sins on my mind but yet I
Can't pass them up blinding
Lights in my rear view
Missing opportunities that's not new
Just got through to my confidant
Embarrassed to tell him new news
Just got a feature instead
He told me just to keep up my head
My minds racing there faster
The places getting more vast her
Perfect body still on my mind
Can I finally just get past her
Master my feelings and future endeavors
Both girls on my mind won't do nothing but failures
Thats why we wouldn't work out
I got a life, deadlines to meet
Final fantasy
Just strategy on my mind
That's just how it has to be
Stay focused, straight path
Stay firm in all of my beliefs
I know when your lying
But I seem to always just lie to me
I can't lie to me
Just don't lie to me
I can take it
But only lies lie that deep
The truth hurts
But ignorance is poison
And betrayal is the reason that you lied to me
But finally
I'm confident in myself now
Past those awkward moments
When I bring myself down
When I look in the mirror
And see the man that I've become
After all those years of self doubt
My potential out weighted
The possibilities
Of they're hate
Controlling my thoughts
And now I need
To free all of my thoughts
And all of my inner demons
That deemed my thoughts
Dirty and out of sync
Of society
Maybe some mental dieting
The deity that guided me
God, the one that's beside of me
Inspiration fighting for me
All my fans thats fighting for me
All my friends that's fighting for me
All my family fighting for me
But I'm the one I need to fight for
I chose a path
I hope I'm picking the right door
I chose production
I hope the beats on the right score
And all my free time
Is telling me I should write more
It's never too late for now
I still live it
That 30 rock episode
Reason I'm still in it
A jack of all trades
And a master of all
But I can't find growth
Until I capture my fall
New girl on my mind
But she been ignoring all of my calls
It went so well at first
But now she won't kiss me at all
Maybe if I call her once more
Or even show up at her door
She'll start acting normal again
And just fall into my arms

Track Name: Superficial {Better Than Most} (Feat. Bam Bino) (Prod. By Vo-Kal)
Superficial (Better Than Most)

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Ignored calls
Closed bathroom door stalls
I question my sanity crying on the floor
I guess I'm so appalled
And my bedroom is walled
As prison for my memories
My brain is sprawled
No I can't get none
Sleeping on the rising sun
All my family worried
Cause the Guinness and the Jameson
I'm ok only my flow sick
My V6 knock you to the floor bitch
It's me and Hobbz until the end
So on the way out don't you let the door hit
It's impossible for you to ignore this
I don't care just pour it
Just top it off, I'll take it back
No chaser needed to enjoy it
No chaser needed this boy shit
This toy shit I torch it
(No chaser needed this boy shit)
Gyarados to his koi fish
Scary hoes at his door step
I take care of hoes no horse shit
I meant girls this my warning
My tongue slipped exploring
You really think I'm lame
And I know it now
Bound to fall in love
Just praying I don't hit the ground

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
My whip
It's rides well
My flow
It rides well
My job
It pays well... Ok I mean it pays ok
I got the car and the clothes
What more could you ask for
I heard that girls love
The superficial asshole X2
So why don't she fuck with me
So why don't she fuck with me
I got it all and everything she said she wanted
Ghost of the girlfriend past
Cause now my everything is haunted

[VERSE 2: Bam Bino]
My cash is green
My car is clean
Now I don't understand why shorty not up on my team
It take a boss to get a bitch like this
These niggas broke
But all I need is convo
I'm hoping that be the note
I'm spitting my real feelings
I'm hoping that be the quote
Sex game on point
And I know she like to drink
I hope she fucking with that Henney
Cause that's all I like to drink
Sex appeal I love her style
Her wardrobe
Them colors so wild
Turn down we never go mild
Take trips I got that
Her interest is not at
Me I'm surprised that
She don't want to mess with a real nigga
Polo socks
Tommy Hilfiger
Tell me what you want
I'll spend figures
End of the night we all alone
So are you
So what's wrong
Talk to me what's on your mind
I ain't in a rush I got time
Emotions they in the air
Contact all we do is stare
But Vo-Kal do she really care
(Big homie do she really care)


[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
Cause now my everything is haunted
Cause now my every move is taunted
All I wanted
Was the superficial flaunting
Trophy wife that was my type
Still beautiful in the morning
Great head for the head aches
Stay in bed till her legs shake
Take her out on a vaca'
Tokyo our main stay
Bring her out on the main stage
When I perform insane day
When I propose on that same day
Fall in love again like our first date


Track Name: Off To Nowhere (Prod. By Vo-Kal)
Off To Nowhere

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
I'm childish I'm selfish I'm emotional
I should try and find someone
A lot more devotional
That's what she told me when
We agreed to be friends
When she stopped to pretend
I ain't lose that time that was spent
Now I'm driving in the fog
With my high beams on
Abel singing in my ear
I wanna die to these songs
Man this pain so deep
Tired of crying to these songs
But I can't shake the feelings
From when she lied in my arms
From when she lied in my arms
Straight to my face
See the scars on my heart
And my sleeves tore up
I used to wear them so proud
Man my grandma used show me
How to scream so loud
And let the demons out
It's ok to be scared
Now my tears seeping out
Cause the thought of losing her
Is invoking my past
Cause I still have the letter
She wrote me right before she passed

[HOOK: Vo-Kal & Goss]
I love to get lost in the nighttime
These feelings got me lost at the right time
And you had me tossing and turning
I had to get out and free my mind as a life line
(Just close my eyes and get lost
Just drive away and get lost
To ease my soul I get lost
To forget about you I get lost)
Took my love away just another day
Got to get lost take away the pain
Got to get lost took away the pain
And my love lost all I feel is pain
Because I am (off to nowhere)

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Still thinking
Where is my life right now
Only difference now is that
The music never quiets down
I try to keep it loud
Drowning out possible sound
Of my irrational thinking
And all the girls that turned me down
"No, sorry you can't get this"
Abel hit a high note
So I don't have to reminisce
I'm just tryna get lost
In this Stephen King "Mist"
And now my demons
Looking like Stephen King's "IT"
Mixed with the clickers
From the "Last of Us"
I'm still a good guy
But damn they killing of the last of us
I keep telling myself
All women aren't the same
But these girl's past sins
Be making my goodness stray
But I'm still a romantic
True love not to blave
Is my intentions dammit
As you wish
I mutter under my breath
Princess bride of my dreams
Arriving in a white dress


[HOOK 2: Vo-Kal & Goss]
I love to get lost in the nighttime
These feelings got me lost at the right time
And damn you had me tossing and turning
I had to get out and free my mind as a life line
Took my love away just another day
Got to get lost take away the pain
Got to get lost took away the pain
And my name Goss all I see is rain
Because I am (off to nowhere)

[OUTRO: Vo-Kal]
So lost
I don't want to come back
Maybe get stuck in dream
But no alarm to bring me back
Won't be long I promise
Man I swear I'm coming back
I just need a few days alone
To get me back on track
So lost
I don't want to come back
Down the rabbit hole
With the Cheshire Cat
Maybe meet Alice
Turn her into my queen
No heartbreak allowed
When you fucking the king
So lost
I don't want to come back
In a galaxy far away
Where Chewbacca has my back
Millennium Falcon
Will take us both where we want
Maybe become a bounty hunter
For Jabba the Hutt
So lost
I don't want to come back
So lost
I don't want to come back

Track Name: Wishing (Feat. Goss) (Prod. By Vo-Kal)

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
Wishing that you
Were here by my side
Praying for these
Feelings to subside
Everything was going too right
Now our future is gone
For us I would fight
Another day of you in my arms

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
You held me down
Far beneath the truth
Could you decide
What's best for me and you
And how I feel
Is slowly losing potential
Cause now
Your all I ever wanted
I can't see myself enduring any longer
My ropes are thin and yours just seem to be getting stronger
Got me sippin
Now I'm faded
Off into the distance
Screaming fuck
The bitches
That be tryna diss us
Then I feel the pain
That make it hard to listen
And the grief comes back
And I just picture us kissing


[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Promises were made the ones you shattered girl
I was tore apart
I never let you down
You told me not to fall in love
It wouldn't matter girl
Cause you stole my heart
And then you let me drown
The warning wasn't enough for me to
Make better choices with my soul
Gave it to the devil in the high heel Jim Choo's
Swear I can't hold it together anymore
I can't see myself enduring any longer
My ropes are thin and yours just seem to be getting stronger
And I'm yelling Carpe Diem
As I'm rounding those turns
Fuck Yolo, dead poet
What I'll be I just can't learn
From these bitches
That just use me
For the moment and then burn
My life inside a swisher
With the rest of their concerns


[VERSE 3: Goss]
This happened a year ago
I remember this clearly
You said you never failed school
How the fuck did you fail me
I reminisce about good times
Here's one of those moments
Well I finally gave up
On you but I can't stop smoking
Whoa this
Girl is poison
My mind is slowly boasting
Thanks to you
And I can't stop showing
My talent off and it's golden
Holding onto my life
You say you'd be my wife
I knew I died in my sleep when it all happened that night
It all happened so fast
I wish I never trusted you
It's clear you are the fucking same
Back when I first met you
Second time drinking
I told her we were fucking
Sure enough I was fucking
Easy pussy is nothing
Slowed down on my music
A dumb mistake cause I was clueless
To the subtleties and the one with me
Was fake stupid the rudest
No that's not music
Your tats look like sewage
Need a say more
Fuck yea lets do this
I go in like twins that's nothing to me
Mistakes are born cause this lifestyles not free
You clapping your hands cause I'm riding the beat
I wish you were here but you wish you were me
Now ain't that some shit
Sayonara C'est la vie
I wish you the best but the best is just me
My life is a movie
Hers is like the musical
If I died today nobody came to the funeral


Track Name: Blackout (Prod. By Vo-Kal)

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Whiskey shots
Bottle of Patrón
Cheap beer all around
Is the smell of my cologne
Music so loud
But I can't hear the song
And my thoughts are distorted
By this muse of the unknown
It's ok there's trappers in the driveway
They my niggas
But they won't do what I say
Just be cool
They're here to party too
And they brought some refreshments
For us to party to
And the smoke so high now
Everybody so high now
And they hands in the sky now
Put your hands in the sky now

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
I always hate you
When I'm coming down
Cause you left me all alone
And now
I'm depressed
Around all of my friends
Having a fucking good time x2

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Drunken walking
Stumble over that chair
Michael playing
Moonwalking with no care
We're all having fun
We're all having fun
We're all having fun
Right now we have no care
It's ok take a piss in the driveway
There's more beer in the fridge
Olde English Friday
Baby just do whatever I say
We bout to burn this place down
Down down down
And the smoke so high now
Everybody so high now
And they hands in the sky now
Put your hands in the sky now


[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
Finally feeling the consequences
Of loneliness
I hate having fun
Cause it feels like the phoniest
Way to express myself
When I'm feeling down
I don't want hide my feelings
I just want to push em out
But misery loves company
But my company hates misery
And I'm now so miserable
All keep is full cups with me
To drown out the old me
Who keeps bitching
Don't fuck with me
I'm actually really faded
So everything is touching me
So stop fucking touching me
I don't want your comfort
Your drunken care
We're just drunk right now
You really don't fucking care
And I just want to have fun
Instead of fucking stare
At all the couples kissing
Each other just fucking tear
Yourselves away
When you're in front of me
It's really rude to show PDA
In a party
And I had a crush on her
Just last week
She knew
But she still kissed
Him in front of me
Just fuck what I'm saying


[OUTRO: Vo-Kal]
So lost
I don't want to come back
Maybe get stuck in a dream
But no alarm to bring me back X3
So lost
I don't want to come back
I'll just take some of these
And nothing'll bring me back

Track Name: Katherine (Prod. By Vo-Kal)

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
The way
All the way down
Eyes locked
At her waist now
It's her
The excuses made
On the way down
It's keeps playing over
Tell me it's over now
Her head on my shoulder
I promise it's over now

[BRIDGE: Vo-Kal]
Dim these lights down low for this late night
I'm syrup sippin while she sippin great whites
Her cigarette still smoking in the ash tray
But her mind still toking on this past day

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
I would have never felt the temptation
Never heard the whispers
Never would I have tested my love
Or heard the voices getting nearer
I can't stop this feeling of slow motion
Or even question the strength of my love my love

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
All I could have wanted
All I could have done
(I needed that)
I needed something
That I lusted for
(I needed that)
It was her
I always yearned for her
I always dreamed of her
Even though I have you
I felt I needed her



[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
(Got you drinking out them)
Bottles babe
Straight to face
Take a big swallow babe
Not for the taste
For the fun that we takin
Love we could be makin
Take off your shirt before
I stain it with vacation
Initiation with your body
I'm just getting fucking glances
From everybody
I'm sorry
I can't read these signs
It's blurred between the lines
And now we're fucking naked
In the middle of the lobby
And I
I don't want to stop right now
Cause they're coming after me
But it's so hot right now
And falling to my death
Could be the plot right now
But if I have a fucking say
We won't get caught right now
And I
I don't think that I can stop right now
They're so close the catching me
Its more than hot right now
And running out of breath
Could be the plot right now
But I guess I'm sticking with it
Ain't no way that I'm forgetting

[HOOK 2: Vo-Kal]
My love
You can't test the strength of
My love
Who are you to question
My love
But I can't even remember my love
Oh oh X2

[VERSE 4: Vo-Kal]
(Pervert he's a pervert
It's the mark of the demon)
Eyes closed and I'm leaning
Eyes open I'm a free man
Can't escape without gaining
Everything that makes me a heathen
I'd rather try and tame the ocean
Than become what I'm not seeking
I believe it
I believe it
I took everything that's close to you
Stole my heart
When I was close to you
(It's the mark of the demon)
So I stole your faith
What I'm supposed to do
Was tempted
I was weak enough
You were weak enough
And we were each finding
We weren't enough
And I
Don't want you
To cry
It's deceiving to
Your eyes
To think I
Didn't try
But you're right
I know you're
Gonna cry
In convincing you
I'm right
Might even save my mind
I swear I forgot about

[HOOK 2]

[OUTRO: Vo-Kal]
Drifting away
Further away (come back)
Drifting away
Deeper away (come back) X3
(Wake up)

Track Name: Poison Ivy (Feat. Goss & Solute) (Prod. By Vo-Kal & DropXLife)
Poison Ivy

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Tried to give you my all
You tore me apart at the seams babe
For your type I fall
So hard on my knees baby
I won't
Say that
We were meant to be
I'm just
That you are what I need

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
Baby your poison
The way that your taking me under
Baby your poison
You got me fading
Baby your poison

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Maybe baby
You aren't
Poison to me
The things I do
Are what's
Killing me
How can I
See you
See you again
Will you be gone
My personal sin
I'll always be here
Waiting for you
To call
Cause I'm what you need


[VERSE 3: Solute]


[OUTRO: Vo-Kal]
Baby your poison
You got me fading
I'm lost in your love
Baby your poison
Baby I'm faded
Please don't hang up
Baby your poison

[VERSE 4: Goss]

Track Name: V-K! (Prod. By Vo-Kal)

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
She wants someone that sings well
I got that
Danger and thrill
To top that
The sin from my lips
To make her drop down
And then pop that
Just don't stop that
When you bust it open
A shy girl
That's so used to hoping
For a savior
From her routine life
To maximum exposure
Someone to hold her
Console her
When times are rough
But know her
And show her
That I know
That she likes it rough
Grip her up
Just suck it up
Don't fuck it up
The pain is her pleasure
But the pain is what will fuck her up
Her skin is thick
But her heart is thin
And it's on her sleeve
She gambling
The stakes are high
Just don't fall again
She felt the ground
But she won't again
She'll hold it in
And regret the past
Regret her love
And how it moved too fast
That's when I come to
To remove the last
Conception of me
She tried to pass
As the real deal
I ain't that cold
My words are smooth
But I'm way too old
To be playing games
And be passing notes
Do you like me now
Check yes or no
To professional
My confessional
I don't live up
To the rest of y'all
You think V-K is
Impressing y'all
But that's just how I come off
When I'm stressing y'all

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
Already 4am
You know how it goes
Where do we go from here
I'm too faded to know
I'm just hoping when you leave
You'll be saying my name
Please remember my name
You can call me V-K
It's just one of those nights
But you know my songs
Please don't assume shit
I'm already gone
Just maybe by tomorrow
You'll be saying my name
Or be singing my name
Please remember my name
My name my name

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Look me in my eyes
Baby tell me you don't lie a bit
I'm trying get in your mind
I'm trying see how tight those pants fit
I'm lying now
I can't sit
And act like I'm
Thirsty as fuck
I know everyone else
They just stare at your butt
But me
I want to examine your cuts
The tears the tears
The way you were broken down
Cause me
My hearts it's just swollen now
And it just looks like
I'm so close to slowing down
But really it's code for more focus now
So let's know this now
Who would you like to fall for
Love in the hands of gentle man
Or lust in the clutch
Of you trying to fuck
Dance with devil
In the Mercedes truck
Out in the open
Only stars can see us
Bust your walls down
And take all of it back
The baggage the past
Put it all in a stack
Your past the baggage
Take all of it back
Cause I want all of you back
I think you lost who coulda been
And I forgot about who
All those bitches could have been
The late nights thinking
Sinking feelings
Spilling out my heart
They tore me apart now
I don't know how to start now
Cause I'm falling apart now
I only know you through
Instagram pics
You only know me
From the verses I spit
So I don't know where to start now
My whole message is falling apart now
Maybe your tumblr posts
Shows who you really are
And maybe I'm really just meant to be a star


[BRIDGE: Vo-Kal]
She wants someone that sings well
Well I can sing better with some shots in me
Just close your eyes and rock with me
Take it back
Don't stop
Just trust I sing well
But it would sound better if it was for you
I would do my best to spoil you
Limited funds but they for you

[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
I know it's been a while
I know that we never really talked
But damn tonight your smile
Is more than I ever could have thought
Who would have thought
That stars aligned
Would bring us together here tonight
Destiny is a strong word to throw around
So let's just talk till it's right
I'm a little drunk
Ok I'm kinda faded
But right now let's embrace the moment
And forget the time that I waited
The time that I wasted
When it was you that was only in my sight
Just grab my hand for tonight
If it all ends embrace me into the light
You cannot tell me this ain't right
This chemistry is level AP
Do my words come across as strong
To stress everything that I see
Everything that I mean
Your in my dreams
Add a dream girl to my dream whip
And let's both forget reality
I still sing well
And I flow nice
Let's not talk about my salary
I'm not superficial
Just better than most
Self conscious
Let's make a toast
To a crazy night
A more crazy life
It's 4 am
Let's say goodnight
Cause you know nothing good happens after 2
I can't ruin this beautiful night with you

Track Name: Shadows/ The Product of Fear (Prod. By Vo-Kal & Loop Dreams/ Vo-Kal)
Shadows/ The Product of Fear

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Ok I'm buggin
Why ain't she saying something
I messaged her at 1am
Should have never gave my number
I knew it was too good
To be true
When she said to hit her up
She was thinking friends
Man I was thinking snuggle up
Maybe something serious
Maybe she curious
Now I'm second guessing the signs
That was there period
Furious my rash decisions
Got my trippin over bitches
And I'm looking at these ones
Not even into tipping strippers
Now I'm a tight wad
Holding on to money and these feelings
Spilling my frustration out
Incapable of even chillin
But in my dream though
She was there and feeling me
But I don't know if i believe the dreams
Or reality
Or the fantasy
That will never be
Still trying to think about
The situation rationally
Or anything else actually
Don't want to make no casualties
Of innocent thoughts
That's escaping my heart's natural reach

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]x4
Lies, deceit
Please give it to me
I'm feeding off anger
Your paranoia is me

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Let me live in the bliss
Let me picture the kiss
Let me think of all the things
Without you there I would miss
Fabrication is my friend now
Who really needs some sanity
Not living in the moment but
But I'm living in my fantasy
Let me close my eyes
And be engulfed my dreams
Sleep forever living happy
No more sadness or fake screams
False hope or hopes up
Falling in a dope truck
Plagued by my addictions
All plagued no one to hold us
Drowning in the madness
Drowning in the sadness
Drowning being hopeless
Never getting past this
Falling to my demise
Yea you falling for my disguise
No surprise that you sympathize
When you claim that you empathize
You really don't despise
The goodbyes and the unwise
Just be open minded
To minds as they unwind
So now I'm unkind to my kind
My turn to pass it
I'm falling forever
Ever and I'm past it


[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
When I look down I can't see the ground
I only feel the wind
I only feel the darkness
The fear of the inevitable
But yet I'm ready
I've been here before and I'm ready
I'm prepared but still
Still I'm anxious
Nothing can soothe the furious beating of my heart...
Nothing... nothing but the...

Track Name: Forever Falling (Prod. By Vo-Kal)
Forever Falling

[INTRO: Vo-Kal]
My shadow scared me
I don't understand
Cause it was dark out
Maybe the shadows
Are hiding everything I tried to mark out
Inner demons
Maybe my true self
You say you see my goodness
Tell my good bye bitch farewell
Ones on the floor
I ain't say that I was spending money
But I got good friends
And they entrepreneurs
Throwing bills around
Like the name Gates is funny
You can stay or something
I can't wait for nothing
Bad bitches
Giving good times
In the back room
Barely VIP
Spilling out my heart
With no IVs

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
I don't have the patience
To try and keep up with this fake shit
So baby tell me what your name is
So I can make sure I erase it
From my memory
These bitches just want to take away
Everything I have to give a lover
I'm drowning
Trying to keep above the pressure of another
I just don't want to feel the pain any more
I thought I could fly but I just hit the floor
So baby tell me what are you waiting for
Waiting for

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
You say you can save me
I beg you not to do this
You say you need me
Girl stop acting foolish
I can't be there for you
When you hit the ground
You can't trust me girl
I'll just ignore the sound

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Now baby I don't have the faith in you
Cause all these hoes are thotful
And they paved the way for you
And showed me just how awful
But It's all I could imagine
So strip it all and show me magic
I'm thirsty for your touch
I'm yearning for the way that you make me feel
I'm just craving your kiss
I'm longing for your tongue as it caresses my skin
Slow motion
Slow motion
As you ride it out
Don't want this time to end
Baby show me what you're about
Let's take this to the back
Any price for you
Just don't fall in love
With the likes of me
Cause I'll be gone as soon as we're through


[Bridge: Vo-Kal]

You say you love me now it's too late
I fell in love with girls that's too fake
You say pure love is destined through fate
But true lust and mistrust
Is all they gave

I wish I died the hero
Cause I see myself becoming the villain
I'm hardly sick
Some party shit
To drown out my feelings
I miss the good times
Drunk as fuck
I miss the good time
Two 40s of that OE
Some whiskey shots
And then I shined
I need a beer bong
To play beer pong
Doing keg stands
All year long
Party life of some college kids
But we skipped school
For that party shit
A year off
That turned into four
To never again
Will I need to score
An A+
We got grade A
I've been lost in life
Since my 6th grade

[HOOK 2: Taylor Ryce]
I know I can save you
You begged me not to do this
You know that I need you
I'm not acting foolish
Please I'll be there for you
I won't hit the ground
I'll trust you with my love
Please don't ignore me now

(I'll make you never love again)


Track Name: Chamber of Lament (Feat. Konvo & Almighty Karim) (Prod. By Vo-Kal)
Chamber of Lament

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Guilt tripping
But I've been fallin for the wrong type
And by the look up in your eyes
You were right I'm now the wrong guy
Once fucked over blame me
They thought they could all tame me
Bring the ocean tide in closer
And realize I'm not the same me
I don't recognize
I'm cloaked in disguise
To hide the pain
Of past decisions
So shallow
Just brought me down to the
I hanged myself
By being hung up on the bitches
Your soul and steal your heart
So now it's missing
And now I'm missing
The pieces of me worth representing
Wish I held on from the beginning
And I can't feel the pain or the pleasure
I'm numb to the beauty, potential treasure, the happiness you could measure
So I'm spilling out my heart to stripper named May Jane
Maybe her ass is bigger than the weight that's on my brain
But I can't assume some flimsy lust is gonna hold these ties
Holding back my memories feeding myself some more lies
And deceit

[HOOK 1: Vo-Kal]
Taking over my body
I don't need your hope
Taking over my soul
I don't need your faith controlling
All my inhibitions
Just stay away from me
I'll forever be free

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
You say that you want me
You say that you need me
But I can't hear that shit no more
Cause it taking me back now
When I would believe you
And I would fall for you once more
But I don't want to see the changes
Or who I've become
Because now you're just an option
To try and make me cum
Cause bitch I do this often
I've fallen for make up
I've fallen for a-cups
From grace that I've fallen
This dance that I'm stalling
To try and get ass in my face
Pussy poppin'
Cause I was what you needed
Now I'm what you want
I was the recipe
Now I'm your last hope
So baby grab hold
Enjoy yourself
Just know

[HOOK 2: Vo-Kal]
I don't need your love
Taking over my body
I don't need your hope
Taking over my soul
I don't need your faith controlling
All my inhibitions
Just stay away from me
I'll forever be free

[VERSE 3: Konvo]

[HOOK 2]

[VERSE 4: Almighty Karim]

Track Name: Astral Projection (Prod. By Vo-Kal)
Astral Projection

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
You don't
Look at me like you used to
And I
Still remember what you used to say
But now
There is this distance between us
Could you
Just tell me that you love me

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
Can you
Take me
Away from
Everything in my life
Cause I fucked up on my last one
All I want is
You to
Take me
Away from
Everything in my life
Paralyzed by the pain of my soul
And yearning for your hold

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
Looking at the carpet
From ground level again
Still picking up the pieces
From that last bitch's sins
No excuses being made
For the money that I spent
But I just want some reimbursement
For all the time that I lent
Spending less time at home now
More time with my friends that
So called know me well
But yet they ain't giving me no spins
Getting drunk on the weekend
Is some shit that I miss
But if you only know me intoxicated
Then please don't say shit
No new friends
No new women
Not my choice
It's new living
Cause deep down
I'm pretentious
And I'm ok with
Not having fucks to give
But maybe
I'm lonely
And I'm still scared
That little boy
That loves to stay up
And watch anime
And fall asleep with his sonic toys
I wasn't popular in school
But I've blown up since graduation
And now my heads gotten kinda big
Wish I had grown up from graduation
But I barely passed
And they almost laughed
Know they still will
With no hesitation
I'm a product of my environment
Just guilty by association


[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
(Smoothing out the wrinkles so you can't think)
My third eye is calcified
Lusting over a fat ass
Love life is Ned's Declassified
Are you satisfied
Like I'm really gonna change now
The crazy thing is
I've been the same
Took a strangers words
To reveal the shade
Took the bitter truth
To reveal my shame
My character is in jeopardy
My intentions and
My expectations
Are the only true things to carry me
I mean damn
Tell me what would my grandma think
If I told her I was strip clubs
Cause Drake made it cool to show strippers love
So made it rain
But that's not the answer
I use lust as a cover up
I'm scared commitment won't work out
I'm scared my talent will ruin us
I'm scared that every bad bitch
That wants to make a name
Will come after me
And throw that pussy oh so well
And I lose it all
And I won't sell
Cause I can't relate to myself no more
I see myself and I can't ignore
The blind truth
Cause I'm blinded to
I'm falling through
They trapped us all
They trapped us all
Don't want to lose myself cause they can't break us
Sewn inside of a walrus suit
I just don't want to become Wallace from "Tusk"


[VERSE 4: Vo-Kal]
Austyn, Stephanie
Ellen, Erin
Gabriela, Emily
Courtney, and Amanda
I used to could barely stand you
I had a simple crush
With a little lust
A little trust
That we could be
But I ain't enough
Or at least I wasn't
I seen it coming
It was something I grew to expect
I wasn't your type and you weren't mine
You were so fine
Blind to the fact
That you helped me grow
Heartbreak is so
Freeing and so natural
It took me years to appreciate
All the pain you brought and didn't know
I don't blame you
I respect you now
And for all the guys that you've turned down
It was meant to be for self growth
Self expression
Where the hell would I be without those lessons
So God put music inside my soul
To heal my heart
To help me know
To help show me
That I don't need help
Or confirmation
That I'm just me
Still underground so sleep on me
I can believe in myself
Without hypnosis
I'm Spider-Man fresh out the black suit
My detractors and I have a symbiosis
I've grown a little
I experienced things
Learned to create
I've learned how to sing
My psychosis might be to change the world
But now my passion has become my neurosis

Track Name: Neurosis (Prod. By Vo-Kal)

[KanYe West Excerpt]

[VERSE 1: Vo-Kal]
Please curse me cause I strive for something better
I'm done settling for less
I want a bad bitch
Maybe a tattoo of an owl on her chest
When we together
Know she fucking with the best
All knowing
Wisdom is in her fingertips
But her nails are always painted
Light make up
But the eyeliner's wing tipped
Under appreciated painting
She steals men's souls
At the promise of some gold
Cause we all slaves to the same gains
Same pains
We growing not knowing
How to achieve happiness
But we all stuck in the same lanes
We should complain
Instead of comply
Your words do offend
If you try to imply
That my words don't suspend
What is believed as a conversation
Art should be a medication
Why should you spend all of your time
To fill a regulation
Of what's prescribed as success
Fuck your goals
I'm just trying to be the best
Based off of
What I know of myself
I do it all by myself
Cause I grew tired of waiting
For somebody else's help
So what I represent now
Is for everyone ignoring me
Fall asleep on the couch
Waiting for my story
See the desperation in my eyes
I keep em on the prize
While passion is rubbing my head
Keeping the demons in disguise

[HOOK: Vo-Kal]
(Oh I'm afraid that she knows)x9
I'll take you away from this hunger
I'll take you away from this pain
Beware that I may take you under
This is one ocean you can't tame
Now you don't feel the pain inside your soul anymore
I'll take you far away
I'll push my passion till it's sold out
I speak my heart and write my pain and all my soul out
I'll never sail out
I'll only sail out
Onto the ocean
To get lost I'll never bail out

[VERSE 2: Vo-Kal]
It's just me Sterling, Bam, Karim
Standing in the middle
With our backs to the center
Cause we don't trust
Anybody to come in between
What we've established as our team
Ain't break in the seams
I keep having nightmares of my dreams
I keep having nightmares of present day
But I'm stuck back in school
Nightmares that I'm swallowed by a tidal wave
I see it coming but it crashes through the windows
And you
I see you running
And you get away
Like you secretly control the waves
It never fails just can't make out your face
And saltwater is all that I taste
We can't be saved
And I don't want to close my eyes no more
Cause I'm afraid of the person that you take me for
We can assume and pretend to not be fake no more
But when you're alone with your thoughts
There ain't no safety horn
Like space they can't hear you scream
Until it's took late
That's just how it seems
Just give me my fucking space
So I can have my dreams
And they're are golden
With platinum seams
But where's the silver lining
If I'm controlled and consumed by my greed
If beautiful women and music is all that I need
When I close my eyes I can't control what I see
Until my eyes refuse to open seeing permanently


[Kevin Smith Excerpt]


[VERSE 3: Vo-Kal]
After the night in the bathroom stall
You don't want to even answer my calls
Unless you need some material gain
Misusing who were to get to an ethereal plain
It's plain to see you been abusing your influence
Substance overusing
Constant double d over viewing
Trying to justify but never analyze
Choosing a muse that could bruise the common
Man's ego spilling the blues out
Cruising on the past pain
In the fast lane
Becoming what you tried to prevent
Yet you vent of consequence
That gave you sense to never be there in the first place
But that's the first taste
And this the worst case
After the ocean's tamed
The choice is right in your face
Will you grow and become the man
Of which you're destined
Or fall into temptation
And watch the sea wash over your face
(Watch over your faith)